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Family Visit Supply Drive

We are doing a drive! DHS offices in Columbia, Clatsop, and Tillamook are able to start having visitations for families at the office. This is great news! Many families haven't been able to see each other in person for months.

In order to keep everyone safe there are rules for these visits. One rule is no outside items brought in. This includes diapers, wipes, and food. DHS is able to allow families to use these items if they have them in their office. 

So we want to make sure they have everything they need. We want happy babies in clean diapers and families to be able to share a snack together. 

Here is how you can help! We have an Amazon wish list for each county's office. Please go online, purchase an item and it will ship directly to the office. 

You can also always donate directly to Riverside Community Outreach below. In the comments just let us know the money is for "visit supplies" and we'll use it to purchase a needed item. 

Thank you for coming together to help families impacted by foster care in Columbia, Clatsop, and Tillamook counties. 

Click on a county below to get started.

Clatsop County Wishlist
Tilamook Wishlist
Columbia County Wishlist

What We Do

Riverside Community Outreach (RCO) provides care for vulnerable children at risk for entering the foster care system, supports foster families who are caring for children, and works to empower birth families for a successful reunification. There are 11,000 children in foster care in the state of Oregon. RCO is the fiscal sponsor for Every Child Columbia County. Every Child works to mobilize the community to engage with the foster care system to make a difference. For too long people have believed that either they are foster parents or they can do nothing. Every Child provides on-ramps for people in the community to help support vulnerable children by providing tangible needs, volunteering, and respite care. RCO supports this work as well as providing wrap-around services for families to help meet needs and to assist when children return home after spending time in foster care, and to provide resources for families to prevent removal. RCO provide these services through relationships, partnerships, and programs.

For Foster Parents

We love foster parents.  We also understant that being a foster parent is not an easy path.  Helping foster families is what we do.  Follow this link for more resourses for foster familes.
For Foster Families